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2006 Quarter 1 - 2016 Quarter 2

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Multi Dimension Comparision

Decomposition Pattern Description

The decomposition pattern reported here drills down into the drivers of changes in a country's export market share. Select the appropriate dimension to visualize the decomposition in values, volumes, or prices. Click on the grey elements in the legend to enable the visualization of indicators for export growth and the overall export market share.

Annual average over selected period

The numbers reported in the tables are log first differences. They represent an approximation of the percentage change in the variable of interest. Strictly speaking, the percentage change in a variable Y at period t is defined as (Y(t)-Y(t-1))/Y(t-1), which is approximately equal to LOG(Y(t)) - LOG(Y(t-1)). The approximation is almost exact if the percentage change is small. For example, a 5% percentage change in delta logs is equal to 4.88%, i.e. ln(1+5%)=0.0488.